Xerox Portal Videos

I was responsible for the production a series of animated explainer videos for our client Xerox. These short sequences were aimed at Xerox partners and their objective was to increase user traffic and awareness of key sales enablement tools that we had produced. Needing to adhere to strict brand guidelines was a key requirement ofContinue reading “Xerox Portal Videos”

Xerox Solutions Story

I project managed the creation of this HTML5 explanatory microsite, aimed at Xerox Sales Channel and Staff.  I worked with the client to storyboard, review and refine the final page elements. I worked closely with the designer to carefully craft each section with iconography, photography and typographic treatments to bring the subject matter to life.Continue reading “Xerox Solutions Story”

Zebra Technologies Demo

I headed up the design and project management of this animated sequence for Zebra Technologies to showcase their products and capabilities – a range of industry leading barcode scanning and printing products and technologies. I storyboarded and scripted the sequence and then set about creating the final sequence in Adobe Animate. We sourced a varietyContinue reading “Zebra Technologies Demo”

Xerox Discovery Wall

I managed the creation of an Intuiface powered interactive wall display using a huge Panasonic touch screen display (65″) which was to be used in the Xerox Innovation Centre in Uxbridge. Over 50 content screens containing product and solutions information were organised and designed.Video and interactive elements were combined with high resolution images to createContinue reading “Xerox Discovery Wall”

Labtech explainer video

I was tasked with the challenge of creating a co-funded explainer & promotional video for Xerox & Labtech Solutions. The video needed to showcase the capabilities of a this print security suite in a simple and compelling way. I was provided with some raw materials such as datasheets and a a demo of the softwareContinue reading “Labtech explainer video”

AT&T Video

We were asked by AT&T to produce a short video to support a competitive tender. The video needed to provide a tailored message to the prospective client in an informative and professional tone. Time and budget were tight so I set about storyboarding and developing the sequence, leveraging my years of experience producing presentatio materialsContinue reading “AT&T Video”

AT&T Presentation

I was tasked with creating a 50 slide launch presentation for AT&T to explain their new transformation strategy for Unified Communications. Myself and my colleague worked closely with the client to produce an outline storyboard which we reviewed and refined. Once the raw information was in place and signed off, we set to work addingContinue reading “AT&T Presentation”