Xerox Event Site Builder

Event site builder enables our clients’ sales and marketing channel partners to create an event website without the need for technical expertise.

Whether on desktop, tablet or mobile, Event Website Builder is a simple to use tool that enables those without any coding knowledge to build and customise event microsites that match your branding and intended customer experience.

The builder tool steps the user through a simple wizard which builds all the essential information for your event such as the agenda, date, location, times, speakers, contact information and even dietry requirements.

Event site builder supports multiple languages so can be used to support and manage events in specific countries, regions or territories.

Ensuring the registration of delegates, email reminders and questionnaires are all handled with ease, and allowing partners to focus on what they are best at.


  • Design, Wireframing, UX/UI, creative direction, creative implementation
  • Brand implementation
  • Design updates